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Riverdale is a historical residential neighborhood located in the northwest Bronx. It is known for its plentiful parks and green spaces, as well as its unique mix of houses and apartments on every street. Riverdale is the northernmost point of New York City, bordered by Yonkers in the north, and Manhattan in the south. Riverdale has a central location just minutes from the bustle of Manhattan, and the suburbs of Westchester.


The most convenient shopping for Mark Chester residents is Johnson Avenue, located just across the Henry Hudson Parkway. Many more local shops and restaurants are located nearby on Riverdale Avenue.

Listed are just some of the stores, shops, and services found in our area:


Groceries/Prepared Foods

  • Key Food Supermarket -- 235th St. 718-548-9504

  • Glatt Shop (Glatt Kosher) – Johnson Ave. 718-548-4855

  • Second Helping (Glatt Kosher) – Johnson Ave.

  • Riverdale Farms (fruit stand) – 235th St. 718-543-0863

  • Bagel Corner – 235th St.  718-549-9709


  • Anise (Chinese) - $$ – Johnson Ave. 

  • Tiny's Diner - $ – Riverdale Ave. 718-708-7600

  • Dunkin' Donuts - $ - 235th St. 718-477-5452

  • Subway - $ – Johnson Ave.  718-602-8581

  • Starbucks - $ – Johnson Ave.  718-543-2348

  • Neem (Indian) - $$ – Johnson Ave. 347-427-3953

  • Liebman’s Deli (Kosher style) - $ – 235th St. 718-548-4534

  • La Cocina Chente (Mexican) - $$– Riverdale Ave. 


  • Moon Star (Asian Fusion) - $$ – Johnson Ave.

  • Aoyu Sushi (Japanese) - $$ – Johnson Ave.

  • Moss Café (Kosher) - - Johnson Ave. 347-275-5000

  • Salvatore's of Soho - $ – Riverdale Ave.

​         718-548-7499

  • Palace of Japan (Japanese) - $$ – Johnson Ave.

Financial Services

  • Capital One Bank – Johnson Ave. 718-548-3252

  • Bank of America – Johnson Ave. 800-841-4000

  • Wells Fargo Bank – Riverdale Ave. 718-884-3700

  • HSBC Bank – 235th St. 718-549-6000

Drug Stores

  • Wallgreens – 235th St. 718-548-6800

  • CVS – 235th St. 718-543-2007

  • Regal Pharmacy – 235th St. 718-543-6868

Salons & Barbershops

  • Riverdale Johnson Barber Shop – Johnson Ave.


  • Nails on Riverdale – 235th St. 718=601-8466

  • Shear Bliss Hair Studio – Johnson Ave.

  • Matrix – Johnson Ave.  718-548-4023


  •  Larry the Locksmith – Riverdale Ave. 718-543-2095

Dry Cleaning, Laundry, Alterations

  • Aladdin Cleaners – Johnson Ave. 718-548-1488

  • Laundry Express – Johnson Ave. 718-796-4144

  • Prestige Cleaners – 235th St. 718-884-6500

Wines & Liquors

  • Riverdale Vintners – 235th St. 718-549-9463 



The Riverdale area has a rich bounty of parks and green spaces. One of the most popular parks in Riverdale is Seton Park - located just 0.5 miles north of the Markchester on Independence Avenue. This park has a playground, baseball and soccer field, skatepark, and nature trail.


Wave Hill, The New York Botanical Garden, and the Bronx Zoo are three nationally renowned parks - all located just a short drive or bus ride away.​


Henry Hudson Park

A smaller park, named for explorer and navigator Henry Hudson. The park's prominent 122-foot monument pays tribute to the man who dropped anchor in the New York Harbor back in 1609. This park is conveniently located directly across the street from the Markchester. 0.1 miles away.

Seton Park 
A classic 11.7-acre park, with sports fields, a playground, and leisure areas. 0.25 miles away


Raoul Wallenberg Memorial Forest 
​A 50-acre wooded park with a nature trail, 0.3 miles away


Riverdale Park

A 55-acre wooded trail with views of the Hudson River and cliffs of the Palisades. Located across palisades avenue from the Raul Wallenberg Forest. 0.4 miles away.

Van Cortlandt Park

A 1,146-acre park bordering Riverdale. It is the fourth largest park in New York City. The park has a freshwater lake, horse stables, sports fields, and nature trails. 0.7 miles away.

Wave Hill
A 28-acre estate, consisting of public gardens and a cultural center on the west side of the Henry Hudson Parkway near 249th St. It is situated on the slopes overlooking the Hudson River and the New Jersey Palisades, in the subsection of Riverdale known as Hudson Hill. 0.7 miles away.

Bronx Zoo
The Bronx Zoo is the largest metropolitan zoo in the United States. It includes 265 acres of land, through which the Bronx River flows. Today, the Bronx Zoo is home to more than 4,000 animals, many of which are endangered or threatened species. The Bronx Zoo is situated just south of the New York Botanical Garden. 3 miles away.

New York Botanical Garden

A museum of plants, an educational institution, and a scientific research organization. Founded in 1891 and now a National Historic Landmark, it is one of the greatest botanical gardens in the world and the largest in any city in the United States, distinguished by the beauty of its diverse landscape and extensive collections and gardens, as well as by the scope and excellence of its programs in horticulture, education, and science. 3 miles away.


Nearby New York City Public Libraries

  • Kingsbridge Branch
    280 W. 231st St.
    (718) 796-1202
    Mon-Th: 10-8
    Fri-Sat: 10-5


  • Spuyten Duyvil Branch*
    650 W. 235th St.
    (718) 796-1202
    Mon-Th: 10-8
    Fri-Sat: 10-5


  • Riverdale Branch
    5540 Mosholu Ave.
    (718) 549-1212 
    Mon-Th: 10-8
    Fri-Sat: 10-5

  • Van Cortlandt Library
    3874 Sedgwick Ave.
    (718) 543-5150

  • Jerome Park Library
    118 Eames Pl.
    (718) 549-5200

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